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Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5pm
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About Us

Auto Aircon Specialists

For the last 15 years, Formula 1 Air has been pursuing excellence in Air Conditioning and Heating repair.

We offer new Air Compressors, rebuilt auto air compressors, a/c parts, heater parts, hoses and specialty services.

We possess a strong technical expertise in a wide range of vehicles and use advanced diagnostic equipment and systematic approach in analysing, repairing, and servicing your automotive aircon.

Is your car showing any of these symptoms?
  • Car Aircon is not cold
  • The aircon airflow is weak
  • There is an unknown smell coming from the aircon unit
  • The aircon is noisy
  • Car engine is noisy when starting the aircon
  • There is no or insufficient aircon gas


For more information on airconditioning please visit our frequently asked questions page. Or simply click HERE to contact us.